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My name is AFR0Bum or JJ and I am a self-taught freelance audio engineer.I've been assisting musicians, animators, voice actors, and directors with audio since 2013.Working with professional talent has help me become more creative on achieving a better sound for each project I work on. So even if the result doesn't come out the way you want it to, I will continue to work with you until the goal is met.My primary goal is to support others to help them achieve success.
If you want that extra push, I will get you there. Just make sure you give it your best shot.
Over the course of doing audio editing work, I've also gain several other skills such as voice acting, video editing, graphic design, sound design, and even music production.I also specialize as a percussionist/drummer and tend to play at local gigs from time to time.

Thanks for reading all the way to the end!

What Can I do for you?

Terms of Service

>> All payment is required upfront before I start on the project <<- I can accept payment through Venmo (US only), Square, Stripe, and PayPal.- The current prices listed on this website are for non-commercial usage only. For commercial use prices please contact me through Twitter or Email.- Keep in mind that all commissions are non-refundable unless there is no progress being made.- Please have your files ready before commissioning me as it helps with making sure you will be next in line, otherwise, you will be push down to least priority if there is still some elements missing.- When the order is being work upon after receiving payment, you will be provided with updates. During those updates, you may request vital changes since it will be in the early stages. After it has reach the final step, you have the option to provide 3 revises of minor changes. Major changes at this stage will involve an additional fee.- When the final product is being use, please credit me as AFR0Bum with the the correct role I provided to you. Make sure to also add a link to my Twitter or this website.- Please make sure you have access to Discord, Twitter, or an Email as it makes it possible for me to communicate and send the audio file to you.- To check if I am open for commissions, go to my Twitter or the site page as it will show the status there. Contacting me about future availability is always fine as well.- I reserve the right to deny a project before payment. Reasons for refusing is always provided.- I reserve the right to also reveal the commissions I've worked on through social media as well as adding them to the portfolio on my website UNLESS the client states not to.- By commissioning me you agree to all of the terms above.


Taking vocalist lines and slapping it onto an instrumental


- Unlimited Tracks.
- No Tuning & Timing included.

Solo---$65 USD
Duet---$85 USD
Trio---$125 USD
Chorus---$155+ USD

Add $10 Per Additional Vocalist

Partial Vocal Cover

- Unlimited Tracks.
- Includes Timing, Mixed, and Mastered.

Solo---$85 USD
Duet---$110 USD
Trio---$155 USD
Chorus---$185+ USD

Add $15 Per Additional Vocalist



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Any mix is 10% off for using her service

Extra Service

  • TV Sized Songs = 30% off (Approx. 1:40 mins)

  • song covers exceeding past 6 mins = $10 USD per min

  • Rushed Commission (SOLO and DUET only) = 70% charge added to the total cost.

The current prices being listed on this page are for non-commercial usage only.
For commercial use, please contact me directly through Twitter or Email.






Things you need to know

  • You are limited up to 3 revises.

  • Each Chorus package includes 4 vocalists.

  • I can work with vocal synths/vocaloids as well.

  • Timing and Tuning does not include unlimited tracks.

  • I can mix covers in any language you want to sing it in.

  • Turnaround time for vocal cover mixes can take up to 1-2 weeks.

  • RUSHed COMMISSIONS are set to top priority and CAN BE DONE WITHIN 48 hours.

  • Please be aware that the quality from the provided files will affect the quality of the final mix.

  • If you want individual work done for the song cover such as timing only, mixing only, or mastering only, please contact me for further discussion. For tuning only commissions, please refer to my wife, @FreyaSonata

  • Acapellas, individual stems, export of multiple formats, and mastering audio for different streaming services can be provided as long as you mention it ahead of time before payment.

Please follow these guidelines when you are sending your audio

- Track type: MONO
- Bit Depth: 16 or 24 bit
- Sample Rate: 44.1khz or 48khz
- Export file type: MP3 or WAV

  • Do not add any effects.

  • Minimum or no Background noise.

  • Label and separate vocal lines properly.

  • Keep the volume from peaking. (no distortion issues)

  • Include the instrumental and the song reference of your choice.

  • You may also include the script of the song choice with additional notes.

  • I recommend sending all audio files in the form of a download link using a cloud storage of your choice. (Google Drive/DropBox/Mega/Box)

Sound Design

I offer different services such as foley, background ambient, sound effects, sound editing, audio repair, short jingles and more.

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The price will depend on a lot of factors such as the length and complexity of each project.

How to Order

Please make sure you read the Terms of Service before filling the form out.

To order a commission from me, please follow this format when giving me a direct message:

  • Type of Commission:

  • Estimate on Budget [not required]:

  • Details for Project (be very specific):

  • Deadline [optional]:

  • Prefer Contact Method (Discord, Twitter, or Email):

  • Prefer Payment Method (Paypal, Square, Stripe, or Venmo):

Email me at with subject label as commission

Dm me through my Twitter - @afrowander