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AFR0's Audio Commissions

Please read the terms of service before considering my services

Terms of Service

  • I can only receive payment through Paypal under the currency of USD.

  • >> All payment is required upfront before I start on the project <<

  • Commissioning me involves communication through the following: Email, Twitter or Discord.

  • If you plan to use the audio mix to earn revenue,please let me know so we can reach an agreement regarding commercial use.

  • The project will automatically be added to the workload list when I have agreed to work on it.

  • Invoices do not get sent out until I receive all the required files from the client.

  • Preparing audio files before commissioning is highly recommended as it helps with making sure you will be next in line, otherwise, you will be push down to least priority.

  • When reaching the final stage of production, the audio mix will be processed in WAV format by default and sent to the client in the form of a download link to be reviewed upon.

  • Sometimes the finished audio mix will be added to my portfolio.

  • When you are ready to post the cover anywhere online, please credit me as Afrobum and include the following links in your description: and

  • If the client requests a cancellation on the commission while progress has already been made, no refunds will be provided, and all included audio files will be deleted to prevent any future use.

  • Some of the reasons I will most likely turn down a project: Chorus Battles, one day mix, recorded lines through a phone, laptop mic, or too much background noise, and health & family reasons that occur on my end.


  • Please follow the guidelines when you are sending your audio:

- Track type: MONO
- Bit Depth: 16 or 24 bit
- Sample Rate: 44.1khz or 48khz
- Export file type: MP3 or WAV

  • Do not add any effects.

  • Minimum or no Background noise.

  • Label and separate vocal lines properly.

  • Keep the volume from peaking. (no distortion issues)

  • Include the instrumental and the song reference of your choice.

  • You may also include the script of the song choice with additional notes.

  • I recommend sending all audio files in the form of a download link using a cloud storage of your choice. (Google Drive/DropBox/Mega/Box)

Samples of work

- FL Studio is the main program I use to edit everything together.
- Secondary programs I can work with (if necessary) are Adobe Audition, Reaper, and Ableton Live.
- The list will continue to be updated as I get more work.Also mega super thanks to my wife, @FreyaSonata, for providing me with tuning assistance for most of these covers.

Vocal Covers - PARTIAL // FULL MIX

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Taking vocalist lines and slapping it onto an instrumental

SUMMER SALE!! EVERYTHING IS 30% OFF!! JULY 1st - September 22nd

Timing and Tuning

up to 5 tracks per Vocalist

Type of MixPrice
Solo$40 USD = $28
Duet$55 USD = $37
Trio$70 USD = $49
Chorus (4+ Vocalists)$80+ USD = $56+

Add $10 Per Additional Vocalist

Add $5 Per Additional Track


Unlimited Tracks. No Tuning & Timing included.

Type of MixPrice
Solo$65 USD = $45
Duet$85 USD = $58
Trio$125 USD = $86
Chorus (4+ Vocalists)$155+ USD = $107+

Add $10 Per Additional Vocalist

Full Vocal Cover Mix

Unlimited Tracks. All-in-one package.
Tuning, timing, mixing, and mastering included.

Type of MixPrice
Solo$95 USD = $65
Duet$130 USD = $91
Trio$185 USD = $128
Chorus (4+ Vocalists)$225+ USD = $156+

Add $15 Per Additional Vocalist

These prices do not apply to commercial use, they are for non-profit covers/songs only.
For Commercial Use, (distributing song covers to music platforms such as Spotify, ITunes, Amazon Music, etc.) please contact me for further discussion.

side Prices

  • Artificial Harmonies = $5 USD per Track

  • TV Sized Songs = 30% off (Approx. 1:40 mins)

  • song covers exceeding past 6 mins = $10 USD per min

  • Rushed Commission (SOLO and DUET only) = 70% charge added to the total cost.

Things you need to know

  • You are limited up to 3 revises.

  • Each Chorus package includes 4 vocalists.

  • I can work with vocal synths/vocaloids as well.

  • Timing and Tuning does not include unlimited tracks.

  • Turnaround time for vocal cover mixes can take up to 1-2 weeks.

  • RUSHed COMMISSIONS are set to top priority and CAN BE DONE WITHIN 48 hours.

  • If you want individual work done for the song cover such as timing only, mixing only, or mastering only, please contact me for further discussion. For tuning only commissions, please refer to my wife, @FreyaSonata

  • Acapellas, individual stems, export of multiple formats, and mastering audio for different streaming services can be provided as long as you mention it ahead of time before payment.

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